$martPath All-Access (Lesson Plans and Supports for Students with Disabilities)

We believe financial education is important for ALL learners. But we know that students with disabilities (14% of all children in U.S. public schools) may require additional supports and content to ensure the lessons are meaningful and lasting. We've partnered with expert interventionists to create a set of resources for teachers to use in the classroom, and for families to use at home.

We've arranged these resources by level, and within each level are three complexity bands (with materials tailored for different learning styles and abilities).

These resources are meant to be used in conjunction with the $martPath learning platform. You can download all of these lesson guides and print them to share with students and staff.

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How To Use the All-Access Guides (Video Tutorial from The Author)

Level One Guides

Level Two Guides

Level Three Guides

Level Four Guides

Level Five Guides

Level Six Guides

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Level Eight Guides

$martPath Music Video Lesson Guides

Below are supplemental activities for the $martPath Video lessons. Each video has comprehension questions at three complexity levels, vocabulary cards, and a vocabulary activity, also at the three complexity levels. There are cards for level C that can be used to help students make choices, in addition to students who need an eye gaze accommodation.
This is meant to be used either in addition to, or as a replacement for the provided curricular materials. The concepts will be reinforced with the supplemental materials.
It also might be helpful to pre-teach the vocabulary terms. This will assist with comprehension of the lesson. It is also recommended to watch the videos more than once to aide comprehension.

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These resources were made possible in part by a generous grant from the Truist Foundation

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