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A comprehensive, fun and free way to teach economic and financial literacy concepts to students grades 1-8.

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Meet $martPath

The best financial literacy experience for any learning environment. The $martPath platform is leading the way in offering innovative, fun, and interactive financial literacy and economic education for students of all ages. You don't have to take our word for it. $martPath is the recipient of multiple national awards in financial literacy education. Sign up for free today to see what the fuss is all about.

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All $martPath units of study:

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Are relevant and deliver on state-mandated content standards

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Include assessments so you can track and report on student progress

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Are fun, simple-to-run and quick so they fit into your teaching program

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Are high-quality, interactive and engaging

"I really thought the videos grabbed the kids’ attention, and I thought the aligning activities were engaging. The kids cheered when I told them we were doing the second and third lessons a few days after doing the first."


- Amy C,
Deer Park Elementary

Story-Based Curriculum

Each unit of study on the $martPath platform tells a unique story as a way to support students understanding the learning objectives for the lessons. Stories are age appropriate, engaging, and bring the concepts to life for students.

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Interactive Games

Each lesson on the $martPath platform includes at least one interactive game for the classroom or individual student to complete to aid in learning the concepts embedded in the story.

Assessment Tools

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The $martPath platform includes intuitive assessment tools that will help teachers easily monitor and administer assessments, grade assessment results automatically, and generate a results spreadsheet for quick reporting. The platform comes with a pre and post assessment so you can monitor your students' progress in understanding key financial literacy and economics concepts, all mapped to state and national learning standards. 

Winner of 5 National Financial Literacy Education Awards, and our $martPath puppet video series just won three regional Emmys!

All of the above features as well as classroom activities, homework extensions, teacher tools and more are waiting for you once you sign up for a free $martPath account.

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So, what are you waiting for? It's free!

 "I enjoyed the discussions with my students. I believe that the program is very user friendly and the lessons are tiered in an appropriate manner. It was easy to pick up where we left off each week and jump into the next lesson."


- Grace T,
Trinity Catholic Elementary