Bring fun and effective financial literacy curriculum to teachers and students in your state.
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What is $martPath?

$martPath is a free, online teaching resource available for grades 1-8. This program brings economics and financial education to life in the classroom. It is also an exciting opportunity for you to focus your CSR efforts toward ensuring that our next generation of leaders can think critically, be engaged with the economy, and manage their finances.

Why SmartPath?

We know that

States that provide quality financial education to their students have higher rates of adult savings than states without.

Financial education leads to individuals being more responsible with debt, with lower delinquency and default rates and higher credit scores.

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At the same time

  • It has never been more important – or harder – for businesses to differentiate, engage customers and win.
  • Disruptive technology, rising competition, and falling margins make it vital to connect with the next-gen of customers early.
  • Over 8 in 10 customers consider CSR when deciding where to work, what to buy and products to recommend.
  • 93% of customers will be more loyal to a company when they trust in their CSR platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • White-labeling of platform. Teachers will use online and physical resources in class with their students to teach core economic, financial education, and life skills.
  • This content can be branded under partner brand where appropriate and possible.
  • White-labeling of teacher resources that complement initiation and use of $martPath, including training webinars, twitter chats, etc.
  • Sharing stories of social impact and success.
  • Use the program as a pillar of thought leadership-based marketing.


Benefit to Partners

  • Create a meaningful brand experience with the next generation of customers, their teachers, and their parents
  • Provide a compelling, evidence-based story of social impact for CSR reporting purposes
  • Provide a launch-point for improved stakeholder relationships
  • Create opportunities for staff involvement and engagement
  • Create an aligned touch-point for brand positioning
  • Generate thought leadership in financial education and community investment
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Featuring your company's brand and color palette!

"I loved how easy it was to implement $martPath into my classroom.  The students were engaged and really liked the characters and activities that came with the program.  They want to do more, so we may dabble in some other grade levels.  The strengths would be kid friendly and ease of use."


- Beth A,
JE Prass Elementary

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