For Teachers

All that you will ever need to help you teach financial literacy concepts in your classroom with the $martPath platform.

the smartpath platform on several different sized devices

Teacher Tutorial

The $martPath platform includes so many useful features for teachers to use in the classroom.

Learn how to get the most out of our financial literacy education tools by following along with this comprehensive tutorial.

In the video, we cover

  • How to get started with $martPath online learning platform
  • How to use the All Access materials
  • How to incorporate DEI guides in the classroom

Live Teacher Trainings

In these live sessions, you will learn how to navigate the $martPath platform, access assessments, and other valuable tools, and provide best practices for implementing the curriculum in the classroom. During this workshop, attendees will also learn about all the supplemental material that is offered in conjunction with the $martPath platform, including: puppet music videos, additional discussion questions, supplemental activities, and more. Sign up for the next teacher training or learn more by visiting


DEI Guides

Teaching children about economics is bound to raise important questions about equity, like, "Why do some people have so much, while others have so little?"

We wanted to provide teachers and families with resources for guiding those important discussions in an inclusive way.

Click here to see DEI guides for all $martPath lessons

All Access

We believe financial education is important for all students. But we know that children with developmental disabilities (more than 15% of U.S. students have disabilities) may require other supports and content to ensure the lessons are meaningful and lasting.

Click here to see All Access guides for all $martPath lessons



We’ve collected all of the frequently asked questions that teachers and parents have raised over the last 8 years.

Click here to view our FAQs.

Start Teaching Financial Literacy Confidently

$martPath makes it quick and easy to integrate financial literacy curriculum in your existing K-8 lesson plans.

the smartpath platform on several different sized devices