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What is $martPath?

$martPath is an engaging, interactive and easy-to-use way for elementary and middle school teachers to embed relevant and fun economic and financial education in their classrooms, to boost students' financial literacy. Our content is aligned to content standards in math, social studies, and financial education to make it easy to insert into lesson plans. And the best part?
It's free!

$martPath was created by the Alpaugh Family Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati. The Center is a leading nonprofit organization in the K-8 financial education space in the U.S.

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How to teach elementary and middle school students about finances and economics?

Meet $martPath

  • Data-Backed Boost In Financial Literacy

    Data demonstrates a 30-35% average improvement of student knowledge

  • Used By Teachers Nationwide

    Nearly 40,000 teachers in 46 states have used $martPath

  • New, Inclusive $martPath Supports

    All children need to be financially literate, but engaging financial education materials for students with cognitive delays were hard to find. So we created them in $martPath All-Access

Start Teaching Financial Literacy Confidently

$martPath makes it quick and easy to integrate financial literacy curriculum in your existing K-8 lesson plans.

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"Teaching elementary economics is not easy. Concepts can be abstract and real-world but students do not always have experience with real money. This program made it easy to teach the real econ concepts with clips, quizzes and homework/class discussions. I will use this again each year with my after school and kindergarten students. It helps to bring in understanding that can be difficult to filter into an elementary setting."

- Tamara O,
Lewis Anna Woodbury Elementary

"It was VERY easy to use!  The lessons were engaging and simple to follow.  The lessons led to some meaningful discussions with my students."

- Susan S,
Roberts Elementary

"I really thought the videos grabbed the kids’ attention, and I thought the aligning activities were engaging. The kids cheered when I told them we were doing the second and third lessons a few days after doing the first."

- Amy C,
Deer Park Elementary

"The students were very engaged during the lesson. The breaks in between to discuss or do an activity kept the students engaged and wanting to do more."

- Debbie C,
Indian Ridge Elementary

"The curriculum complemented my Math and Social Studies standards perfectly.  The lessons were humorous and engaged the students.  We liked that there was interaction with the lesson."

Sherri B,
Marsh Pointe Elementary

"I loved the easy access to all lessons, and the short videos paired with discussion points.  My students thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and were engaged in the following discussions."

- Veronika,
Dover Elementary

"I liked the mix of videos and interactive games on the $martpath platform. The discussion questions really helped drive the conversation we had, which was awesome!"

- Sandra W,
Lowry Elementary

"I enjoyed the story characters and how they included the class in the discussions.  A huge strength for me as a teacher was the resources; for the students - the activities."

- Chris R,
Tinora Elementary

"I loved how easy it was to implement $martPath into my classroom.  The students were engaged and really liked the characters and activities that came with the program.  They want to do more, so we may dabble in some other grade levels.  The strengths would be kid friendly and ease of use."

- Beth A,
JE Prass Elementary

 "I enjoyed the discussions with my students. I believe that the program is very user friendly and the lessons are tiered in an appropriate manner. It was easy to pick up where we left off each week and jump into the next lesson."

- Grace T,
Trinity Catholic Elementary