$martPath Snacks

Bite-Sized Financial Literacy Videos for Preschool & Kindergarten Students

It's never too early to start teaching children about money, both in school and at home.

We created SmartPath Snacks for preschoolers to help them practice their A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, while also learning about spending and saving, earning power, cash, and more. Our SmartPath Snacks videos deliver this content with a healthy helping of puppety fun!
And each SmartPath Snacks video is only about a minute long, to help keep little ones engaged.

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Free Financial Literacy Videos For Kindergarten and Pre-K Students

W is for Work

Kevin uses the ABCs and the letter W to teach us about work. Parents go to work to earn money to buy goods and services. There are lots of different jobs that you can have when you grow up like being a baker, lawyer, or firefighter. For some jobs you need special schooling to teach you how to do them!

Z is for Zero

Kevin uses the ABCs and the letter Z to teach us about the number zero. Zero is less than one and means none. You can add zeros after numbers to make that number bigger! If you add a zero after the number one, you get the number ten!

Start Teaching Financial Literacy Confidently

$martPath makes it quick and easy to integrate financial literacy curriculum in your existing K-8 lesson plans.

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