SmartPath Videos + Resources: Fast Financial Literacy for Students!

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Looking for some fun, engaging financial literacy content that can boost kids' skills in fifteen minutes or less? We've pulled together resources for your classroom or home, based on concepts presented in our Emmy-winning $martPath music videos!

   Watch the $martPath music video first

   Then follow the arrows for games, puzzles, and brief discussion questions

Methods of Payment (credit, cash, checks), Saving and Spending

Discussion Questions

Word Search Game

Goods and Services

Saving, Credit, Planning

Scarcity, Limited Resources

Pirates Need Resources Lesson

Cursive Writing Practice

Opportunity Cost



Looking for bite-sized financial literacy for younger children?

Check out our SmartPath Snacks videos on YouTube!

Your kids' favorite characters from our Emmy-winning video series deliver the ABCs, counting, and the basics of money with a generous side of fun, all in short videos to keep little ones engaged.

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