Scarcity Cat Learns to Price Just Right

Students learn about selling goods and setting the right price

Video Description

Scarcity cat is in trouble. There are rats invading her market! And her competitors are rolling back their prices! Luckily Scarcity Cat has an exclusive deal with Count Lindburg, a mystical cheesemaker famous for his most stinky cheese. Scarcity cat needs to work out how much she should charge for the world famous Count Lindburg Cheese. How does she make her cheese affordable enough to attract customers and cheap enough to not deter customers from enjoying this wonderful cheese?

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Comprehension and Reading
Lyrics Sheet
An image showing behind the scenes footage of the scarcity cat video set

Did You Know: Scarcity Cat is a Japanese Maneki-neko cat, which means “lucky” cat. Scarcity Cat didn’t feel very lucky when she was little because she was the smallest of the litter, so when it came time for catnip to be passed out, there often wasn’t any left for her. Ever since then, she has always been worried about running out of things. Her two best friends, Gooden and Lando Plenty, are rats that live in her market.

Fun Fact: Scarcity Cat’s real name is Phoebe, but when she was little, she thought everyone was calling her “Freebie”, which made her very nervous because then there would definitely be scarcity!