Ronan & Ramona Go To Stinkland

Students learn the value of saving money for big purchases

Video Description

Ronan & Ramona, two fun loving skunks, have learned the value of saving of their money for their expensive tickets to their favorite theme park. Unfortunately their friend wasn’t so wise with their money. Flea, their frog friend, got a credit card and went wild purchasing all the things he couldn’t afford, and now he’s in so much debt that he wasn’t able to come to Stinkland with his friends.

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An image of behind the scenes of the video shoot for the Ramona and Ronan video

Did You Know: You might think Ronan and Ramona are brother and sister, but they’re not. They’ve been best friends since the day they met at Lil’ Stinkers Day Care. While their favorite thing to do is to go to Stinkland Amusement Park, they have other hobbies. Ronan has an artistic streak, and’s working on a new sculpture made out of rotten potatoes. He plans to bring it to school for “Show and Smell”. Ramona likes to experiment in her lab, coming up with new perfumes. Her latest is “Eau de Peeewww”. She’s very proud of it, but so far, no one else agrees with her.

Fun Fact: After they go down The Giant Mudslide about 10 times, Ronan always gets a little queasy and turns pale—which is hard for a skunk to do.