Good Boy Gets His Name

Students Learn About Goods & Services

Video Description

Timmy & Tammy just got a new dog! They realize they have a lot of economic wants for their new dog, who hasn’t been named yet! They learn about goods and services while they try to figure out what to name their new dog.

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Lesson Plan #1
Reading and Comprehension
Lyrics Sheet
Lesson Plan #2
An image of the work going on behind the scenes for the puppet video shoot

Did You Know: Good Boy may, in fact, be a good dog, but he wasn’t very good at his job on the farm. When his previous owners realized he was a sheep dog who liked to play with the sheep instead of herding them, Good Boy found himself at an animal rescue until he was adopted by Timmy and Tammy. Now he’s living the good life as a pampered pooch with his new family. His likes are: bacon flavored doggy toothpaste, bow ties and funk music. Good Boy’s dislikes are: dog groomers, doorbells and cats.

Fun Fact: Good Boy’s human voice is Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer and funk legend, Bootsy Collins.