Blackbeard Learns A Lesson

Students learn that resources are limited

Video Description

Blackbeard is under attack from the British Royal Navy! In defense of his pirate ship, he is firing cannon balls as fast as he can. He doesn’t know that his resources are limited! It seems like he’ll need to learn this lesson of conserving limited resources the hard way.

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A behind the scenes image of the puppet video production

Did You Know: R. Matey and I. Matey (not related) are pirates from Penzance, England. The sea was always in their blood. But Reginald (whose real name is Reginald C. Davenport) was from a very wealthy family from Liverpool, England. Sadly, his father lost everything on his invention of building a ship made of sponges (it soaked up all their money). When Reginald was left penniless, he, too, joined a pirate crew.

Fun Fact: Even though they weren’t related to each other, the longer they spend at sea together, the more they look alike. They also have regular chili cook-off contests to see who can make the best pot of chili. I. Matey usually wins.