Kevin Becomes Famous

Students learn about methods of payment

Video Description

Kevin loves candy. He visits a candy shop and learns a hard lesson. He simply can’t use his street credit to buy the candy that he wants! How can Kevin get that candy?

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An image of Kevin, a puppet kid thinking about forms of payment

Did You Know: Kevin was a busy kid from the day he was born. His name was chosen because it stands for K.ind, E.nergetic, V.ivacious, I.nteresting, and He has always been on the move. He grew up listening to John Legend and loves to dress up in stylin’ clothes like his idol. Kevin has a big sweet tooth and would eat nothing but candy all day if his parents let him. His dream is to make it big in the music world and have his own clothing line: “KEVIN’S COOL CLOTHES”.

Fun Fact: Kevin’s first original song was rappin’ the ABCs when he was two years old.