G is for Goods

In this episode Kevin uses the ABCs and the letter G to teach us about goods. Goods are things you can buy that you can touch, like a cool hat or piece of candy. You need to earn money to buy goods.


G is for Goods 

A-B-C-D, E-F-G…E-F-G… F-G… Hmm. G is for goods!

(*beatboxes and raps*)

Goods are things that you can buy

Like a sweet fedora (points to his hat), or a piece of pie (graphic),

They’re things that you want, things you can touch,

Like food for your dog (GoodBoy pops up)—Goodboy, that’s too much! (graphic shows a lot of food pouring into a food bowl)

If you want to pay for that smoothie you drank,

You’ll need cash in your wallet or credit from a bank. 

Stores won’t take street cred, I learned the hard way.

So take it from me—you just gotta pay!
I’ll be back soon with more ABCs… so in the meantime save that cash money!