C is for Cash

Kevin is practicing his ABCs by coming up with creative money rhymes! In this video he uses the letter C to rap about the value of money and the different ways to use it. He suggests spending it, saving it, or giving it away.


C Is For Cash

The video opens with Kevin walking into frame, turning in profile (as though he’s looking off camera at someone) and clearing his throat dramatically, then turning head-on to beatbox for a few seconds, then he starts rapping/singing the Alphabet song.

A-B-C…. B-C…. B-C… Hmmm (scratches his head)… “C is for cash”!

(Kevin raps)

Cash is money you can count and hold. And I’m a money expert, or so I’m told.

There are pennies, worth one cent, nickels, worth five, dimes worth ten, quarters, twenty-five!

That’s the pocket change, now let’s paper it

Next comes folding money—the bills—my favorite!

If I want to buy candy, I can’t pay with these beats! I’ll need some cash to buy my favorite treats.

You can spend it, save it, or give it away. Or—do all three, like my parents say!

One day I’m gonna earn cash from my rhymes, but until then, the ABCs are just fine!

I’ll be back soon with more ABCs, so until then—save that cash money! Peace!