M is for Money

Kevin uses the ABCs and the letter M to teach us about money. Money can be earned, saved, and shared. You need money to buy things, like flowers or a stuffed animal. Money comes in a lot of different forms; like cash, cards, or change


M is for Money

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M M is for money!

When we go to a store to buy something funny

 Like a flower that squirts or a six-foot bunny 

We give the store something in exchange.

Like dollars a card or all our change

If we didn’t have money, we’d have to trade to get what we want

 Like a glass of lemonade

Trading for things can get pretty tricky

Who’d want to trade for a ball that sticky?

Money makes buying things easy and quick

Then you’ll have time to pose for a pic!

 I’ll be back soon with more ABCs

 So until then save that cash money