the smartpath platform on several different sized devices

For more details about $martPath training for Ohio teachers, and to register for the program, please click the button below!

Ohio Teachers: We have a special $martPath training stipend offer for you!

We are recruiting Ohio teachers to use $martPath in their classrooms. $martPath is very easy to use, but to streamline the process, we're offering one-hour virtual $martPath 101 training sessions.

All participating teachers are eligible to earn a $100 stipend (in the form of 2 Amazon gift cards).

The first $50 Amazon gift card will be provided to educators for attending the workshop and administering the pre-assessment to their students. An additional $50 Amazon gift card will be provided when educators fully implement the curriculum in their classroom (teach the lessons and administer the post-assessment) during the 2022-2023 academic year. A certificate of attendance will be provided.

**You are eligible for the gift card stipend if you haven’t previously attended a $martPath training session during the 2022-2023 academic year.**