Racial and Social Justice Lesson Guides for Teachers and Parents

Teaching children about economics is bound to raise important questions about fairness, like, "Why do some people have so much, while others have so little?"

We wanted to provide teachers and families with resources for guiding those important discussions in an inclusive way. We turned to an expert teacher to create a set of companion guides for $martPath that use the concepts and storylines presented in the lessons as a framework for productive discussions about racial and social equity. These guides are meant to be used in conjunction with the $martPath platform.

Below you'll find a video from the guides' author, Soroya Smith, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Learning Experience Designer for Mason City Schools in Ohio. Ms. Smith offers some valuable guidance for incorporating this content into classroom learning, and for leading discussions about racial and social justice.


These Resources Were Made Possible In Part By A Generous Grant From Fidelity Investments

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