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Looking for a free, fun way to teach your children about economics and financial literacy? Welcome to $martPath! $martPath's lessons and music videos are so engaging, your kids may not realize they're learning!

Meet $martPath

 $martPath delivers on state content standards in Social Studies, Math and English Language Arts, so you can feel good about your kids getting high-quality, focused and fun lessons, designed by expert educators. And $martPath is the recipient of five national awards for financial education!

First in Classrooms, Now in Homes

$martPath was developed for use in classrooms, with more than 33,000 teachers in 46 states using $martPath with their students. But now families are using $martPath from home to boost kids' financial literacy skills. And just as it is for teachers and classrooms, $martPath is free for families, too!

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Anyone Can Sign Up!

All $martPath units of study:

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Are designed by expert teachers to align with state content standards in several areas

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Include assessments so you can track your child's growth in skills 

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Are fun, simple-to-run and quick so they fit into your family's day

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Are high-quality, interactive and engaging

"I liked the mix of videos and interactive games on the $martpath platform. The discussion questions really helped drive the conversation we had, which was awesome!"


- Sandra W.

Story-Based Curriculum

Each unit of study on the $martPath platform tells a unique story as a way to support kids' understanding of the key concepts. Stories are age appropriate, engaging, and bring the concepts to life for children. 

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Interactive Games

Each lesson on the $martPath platform includes at least one interactive game for children to complete to aid in learning the concepts embedded in the story.

Assessment Tools

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The $martPath platform includes assessment tools that will help parents see how their children are growing in their financial and economic knowledge. 

And it's easy to fit $martPath lessons into already-busy days, as students can jump in for five or ten minutes, take a break, and then pick right back up where they left off later!

Winner of 3 National Financial Literacy Education Awards


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So, what are you waiting for? It's free!

"The program is very user friendly and the lessons are tiered in an appropriate manner. It was easy to pick up where we left off each week and jump into the next lesson."


- Grace T.

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